Wellness Services

Wellness Yoga

Nikii is qualified in Yoga that is a mixture of Ashtanga and Iyengar styles for beginners to intermediate students. Trained by Nicky Knoff in Cairns, this style of yoga builds strength of body and mind. Wellness relaxation at the end of classes utilises elements of sound healing techniques.

Wellness Meditation

Our meditation classes cater for beginners and basic techniques, to meditation incorporating mindfulness and personal development.

Wellness Soul Therapy

A soul focused therapy session with Nikii assists a client to open to a higher state of consciousness, and come to their own realisations and their own healing with benefits to wellness of body, mind and soul. Opportunities for greater levels of wellness, happiness, peace and fulfilment are found and explored.

Wellness Coaching

The Wellness Coaching program provides the client with activities, exercises and practises which are designed to bring the client back into a state of wellness. Unlike a ‘gym program’ this wellness program covers aspects of body, mind and soul, and with regular sessions over time, the program is continually modified as the client’s needs alter and change.

Wellness Events

The Studio runs Retreats, Wellness Weekends and various Workshops focusing upon wellness.

qigong Training

Nikii and her mother Jacqui teach beginners Qigong.  Times change each year for this so call Nikii for these details and to be added to the list.

Classes are held about every month and are held in the yoga studio in Lara.

Meet Nikii

Nikii is trained in Ashtanga Yoga by Nicky Knoff in Cairns.  She is currently completing her Qi Gong Masters has been maintaining and embracing a daily practise of meditation and Qi Gong for over 12 years. Nikii is also trained as a Soul Psychotherapist.


Nikii & her mother Jacqui lead Meditation and Yoga classes from a boutique studio on a peaceful, quiet property in Lara and are passionate about assisting others to grow in wellness & mindfulness.

Nikii - Wellness

What our clients say

Latest NewsQigong was pivotal in releasing my autoimmune disease and symptoms of Chronic Fatigue.

Latest update

Beginners Qigong Training continuing this year.

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