Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life!

Have you ever taken the time to observe your thoughts? Have you ever had a narrow focus on one thing and couldn’t stop thinking about it. Beliefs are thoughts you think over and over again. The ego thinks it knows everything. String enough beliefs together and they become perceptions, which becomes your reality. These perceptions become subconscious states of being, records that we keep playing over and over again, and most of the time we are not even aware that it is going on.

These old programmed thoughts and patterns of behaviour have taken a lifetime to create, and many people are looking for a quick fix. There are not quick fixes – you need to take time and invest in your well-being. Meditation and yoga is not a ‘quick fix’ – it is an investment in you and it takes time and energy. Meditation assists you to begin to slow down the mind, to start to observe your thoughts and become conscious of those conditioned ways of being.

Change your thoughts, change your life!

With much love, Nikii

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