Fresh Eyes

The Ego thinks that it knows everything, and therefore can’t be in the moment. It thinks that it knows what will happen next based upon what happened in the past, and then thinks that it can therefore predict into the future. The Ego is constantly judging everything endlessly. How can anyone look through the eyes of an innocent child as if everything is completely new in every moment if you have this going on with your Ego?

The Ego likes to keep it all safe, predictable, comfortable, so there are no surprises. So we sit on the couch with a packet of chips and veg out, and say that we are bored. Have you lost your will to a program? Change your future not from the known but from the unknown.  Practice mentally rehearsing a different way and change the neurological pathways in the brain. To feel alive and in the present moment, we need to shake up that ego, take some risks, do some things that are unpredictable!

Walk in a thunderstorm, take a new route home, tell someone you love them, explore your fears and step into them rather than away from them. Can you learn to embrace a new reality before it has manifested as if your body has already experienced it? Where did your innocent child go, can you begin to find him/her again? Embrace the unknown and look at the world with fresh eyes.

With much love, Nikii

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