Gift Others with your Presence

Gift Others with your Presence

        Intimacy=into me you see

Gift others with your Presence

Looking for Approval

So many of us have grown up looking for approval from others. Tell me that I’m ok, this voice seems to desperately demand.  We are constantly craving for others to think well of us.  Unknowingly we are focusing intensely upon what you can get from others, ‘please give me something, a sign that you care’.  Looking externally in this way has become so conditioned and habitual that we have no idea that we are even doing it. However, here’s the thing, while you are focused on this external approval outside of yourself, you are living in either the future or the past.  In this type of interaction are you present for the other person or is the interaction really about what you can get out of it?  Not only are you not there for the other person, you are aligning with your thinking mind and this takes you out of yourself and drains your life force.  And then we wonder ‘why am I so exhausted all the time?’

Focus Inside

While interacting with others next time try saying to yourself, ‘what I really need now, is to connect to me’. See if you can go inside yourself while you are interacting and feel how you are feeling.  If this is challenging, then squeeze parts of your body to connect back in with yourself.  In this way you are training yourself to stay present in the ‘now’.  Only when we connect to ourselves do we become available for the other person. Once connected to yourself, you can begin to listen intently, not only to what the other says, but also to the spaces between the words and the things that they don’t say. Feel into their world and gift them with your presence.

 With much love, Nikii


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