I know Nothing

I know Nothing

I once heard someone say that if they had a choice between going to see someone who thought they knew all the answers and someone who thought they knew nothing, they would choose the one who knows nothing. Every day I realise that the more I know the less I actually know. The Ego likes to think it knows but it hasn’t the capacity to see a larger reality, it is restricted the the 3D reality that is merely a collection of perceptions built up by the mind over long periods of time.

It has also been shown time and time again that if you ask a number of people what they saw when they witnessed a car accident, every one of them will give an entirely different account of what happened.  What if, as parents and teachers the reverse of what we believe is true.  What if we are not here to teach children, what if they are here to teach us?  That possibility alone changes the whole ball game. Children today can see through the bullshit that we try to feed them constantly.  Young children are still very much in touch with soul truth.  Their ‘bull shit metre’ seems to be telling us more and more, ‘you guys are full of it!’. They seem to be screaming for us to ‘stop enforcing your ideals onto us, they don’t ‘feel right!’. What if every day, we stopped and asked ourselves, ‘what are you teaching me about myself?’ instead of making children fit into the same box that we were taught to fit into? The whole game gets turned on it’s head and that is the beginning of consciousness! 

With Much Love, Nikii 


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