Is It Selfish to Give to Yourself?

Is It Selfish to Give to Yourself?

What Category Do You fit into?

Think about those people you find stressful to be around, they haven’t got their shit together right?  They are often needy and somehow tend to feel that the universe has plotted against them somehow. Now think about the people that you love to be around, those who are warm and generally make you feel good. These people, in comparison, seem to know who they are, they are confident and generous with their time and attention. Now ask yourself, what category would you fit into?

Are you the kind of person you want to be around?

If you did some research and found out what creates the difference between these 2 groups of people you will find that it has to do with their energy. Those who you want to be around look after their energy in some way. They may surf, bush walk, garden, meditate or do some activity to increase their energy levels and keep their glass ‘half full’. As you stick to practices like Yoga and Meditation that take discipline you build self love. Meditation is a way of tapping into the limitless energy of the universe and spending time in nature is another way of doing that.  So are you someone who sucks energy from others or are you so full of energy that it overflows to others making you kinder and more compassionate to everyone around you?

When you meditate and connect with nature, you become overall better at life.  Research has shown that meditation changes the neural pathways of the brain.  It assists you to perform better on cognitive tests, makes you less likely to make mistakes and is also a predictor of work and life success.  Therefore taking time to yourself is not a selfish thing to do, when you meditate you are not only assisting yourself, you are assisting others.

Will you make time to meditate today?

 With much love, Nikii

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