Managing Depressive Thougths?

Managing Depressive Thougths?


Depressive thoughts occur when someone has a feeling of a ‘loss’ of something.  This sense of loss is something external to themselves which they have attributed great importance to, for example the loss of a job, youth, opportunity, a relationship and so on.  People who are having these thoughts, tell themselves stories and hold beliefs that these things/objects were the source of their happiness and that without them they cannot cope.

As a result of thinking in this way, one becomes a victim to the loss of this external object.  Every time we see our happiness or wellbeing dependent upon something outside of ourselves, we are always vulnerable to the feeling that maybe one day we may lose it.  Subsequently this causes us constant and often unconscious, stress.


Depressive feelings are nature’s way of letting us know that something about our life or the way we are perceiving it, is not serving us and we need to have a deeper look at what is going on.  Our feelings are always communicating with us and are there for a reason. We are not always aware of what this feeling of loss is and with increased awareness and assistance, we can learn to step into willingness and take a deeper look.

Hence, with deeper excavation, learning and being taught to ‘re-frame’ how we perceive things in our life, we are gifted with the potential to re-gain our personal power and this leads us along the path of personal growth and transformation.


If depression has taken hold of your life and you are finding it increasingly difficult to function, then it is important to seek professional assistance.

There are 3 major things that you can do for yourself if you are just feeling ‘down’ and finding it hard to be positive and motivated. Even though there is part of you that will try it’s hardest to resist these things, you must do them regardless if you would like to improve your emotional state.

  1. Go for a walk or do some exercise. Getting your body moving can shift the energy. If you can do this in nature, even better.  Sunlight and vitamin D are extremely helpful.  Dancing is another great form of movement.
  2. Write down a list of things to be grateful for. You may need to do this every day until this dark mood lifts.
  3. Do something nice for someone else. This helps you to get out of your head and your feelings of victimhood and poor me and think of someone else.  This is very positive to clear your mind and alter your energy levels.

With much love,

Nikii (Yoga, meditation, Qigong Teacher & Soul Focused Therapist & Wellness Coach)

If you need help with depression contact Nikii on 0419489144, reach out, you are not alone.

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