Resistance Who Me?

Resistance Who Me?

Resistance Who Me?

When you begin to notice that you are more than your just your thoughts and body, you become more aware.  This increased awareness is great of course however, at some stage this increased state of awareness will begin to bring up a state of resistance.  What is resistance?  You will know you have hit resistance when suddenly things you thought were easy suddenly become difficult, or you lose motivation or just get the crankies. You know that space, “I don’t want to do that”, “I don’t want to BE THAT”.  This can be an ‘I want to run away’ type feeling. You might have to do something hard like get up at 6am every morning or give up the comfort of something familiar and known. Sometimes it can be really obvious, like I don’t want to give up coffee of alcohol and at other times this space can seem a little more obscure and insidious. It might sound more like this;

“Man I love how I feel when I go to Yoga, but I really just need a bit more of a sleep in today, my health requires it”  or

“I really want to Nikii, but I am so busy, I have so many responsibilities and commitments right now”    or

“I want to Nikii, I just keep forgetting and by the time…….”  Or

“I’ll do it at home, it will give me more time”. 


Blah, blah blah.  Do you know how often I hear these types of things?

The more subtle ones like this are harder to pick up because we are good at making excuses and justifying choices that we know are not our highest but why?  Because STUCK and FAMILIAR are SAFE.

These are patterns of behaviour that are holding us back. Patterns that very likely have been with us since childhood or just our EGO trying to hold us back so that our ‘thought mind’ continues to control our lives.


Resistance energy is where our addictions and coping mechanisms are.  But recognising resistance is great because it can hold the key to unlocking our next level of growth. If you suddenly find that resistance is ‘upping the anti’, then it tells us that we are about to make a big break through.

Challenge yourself to write down your resistances this week or for a month but without judgement, just with acknowledgment.  Challenge yourself to be completely honest with yourself and ask yourself this question- “are my current choices holding me back from growth?”  ‘Do I want to make progress, or am I happy with the same old choices but expecting different results? (by the way, that is the definition of insanity) 

Are you consciously or unconsciously sabotaging your progress and blocking the flow of your life?

If the answer is YES, well done for firstly for being honest with yourself, and now you have some work to do!  Give me a call, that’s my job, to tune you back into your higher self and get you back on track. 

Love Nikii 

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