Nikii’s Yoga Services

Nikii’s Yoga services are a mixture of Ashtanga and Iyengar styles, for beginners to intermediate students. Trained by Nicky Knoff in Cairns, this style of yoga builds strength of body and mind. Relaxation at the end of classes utilises elements of sound healing techniques.


Yoga Services include:

  • Absolute beginners – basics of yoga
  • Ashtanga / Iyengar Yoga – Develops strength of body and mind
  • Yin Yoga – positions held for longer lengths of time
  • Restorative Yoga – 4-5 restorative poses held for a long time
Wellness Yoga
Wellness Meditation

Nikii’s Meditation Services

Nikii has been running mindfulness Meditation sessions every Thursday night since 2017. Each week participants learn skills to grow in ‘self awareness’ of our behaviours, choices and motivations. In a non judgemental space, students learn to take risks, be heard and begin to open, expand their narrow and limited belief systems. Self understanding and confidence has a space to grow, raising the energy vibration of participants. Guided meditation practises are developed and students learn to expand their consciousness and experience a greater sense of inner peace.


Meditation Services include:

  • Beginners guided meditation
  • Mindfulness and Meditation

Soul Focused Psychotherapy

What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy work has similar characteristics to Counselling however works on a deeply energetic level. Nikii’s energy, which has been built up over many years of daily meditation and Qigong, is used to assist the client to open to higher states of consciousness and through exploration together, the client is able to come to their own realizations and their own healing with regards to understanding their feelings and what makes them feel positive, anxious or depressed for example. This process can assist people to better cope with difficult circumstances with benefits to wellness of body, mind and spirit.

The Process

Through a deep inquiry process, old buried stories embedded within the unconscious mind can be found along with the reason for why they became stored there. These stories (key memories) have emotions attached to them and can be bought to the conscious mind with greater awareness and exposure.  Old memories, the associated feelings and long held patterns of behaviour are then able to be released.  The circumstances around these memories and feelings can then be reframed by the client by seeing them from a different, more self empowering perspective. Opportunities for greater levels of happiness, peace and fulfilment are found and explored during this process.

The benefits are many and varied, but some of them include;

  • Finding the deep core reasons for emotional/subconscious issues
  • The awareness and loss of old limiting thought processes and self-defeating patterns of behaviour
  • An ability to find solutions to life issues from ‘within’ (empowerment)
  • Learning to be more centred and accepting of the life challenges that come our way
  • Creating opportunities for long term change
  • Seeing life from a more uplifting and life enhancing perspective

Nikii is now available via Teleconferencing (online) for  Soul Focused therapy sessions. You do not need to be physically present to benefit from this therapy.

Contact Nikii to make an appointment on 0419489144.

Wellness Soul Therapy
Therapy session

Soul Focused Wellness Coaching

Utilising the depth of experience that Nikii has accumulated over 12 years of daily meditation, Qi Gong practise and deep inner spirtual work, Nikii designs a ‘Wellness Program’ in collaboration with the client, tailored specifically to the individual.  This service provides the client with activities/exercises and practises which are designed to bring the client back into a state of wellness.  Unlike a ‘gym program’ this wellness program covers aspects of body, mind and soul. With regular sessions over time, the program is modified on an ongoing basis as the client’s needs alter and change.  Nikii also offers the services of dream interpretation and Reiki.

Specific individual yoga exercises and grounding techniques.

Specific meditation techniques and activities to change thought processes and patterns of old behaviour.

Various writing activities designed to connect you to your higher self.

The Wellness Coaching Package consists of a written, individualised wellness program, and includes two yoga sessions, two meditation sessions, and two soul focused therapy sessions.


The Studio provides additional services in Retreats, Wellness Weekends and various Workshops, focusing upon wellness.


In the past Nikii and her mother Jacqui have run wellness retreats.  These weekend retreats commence on the Saturday morning, and incorporates mindfulness awareness activities, training in the levels of consciousness for spiritual growth, yoga and other soul based activities such as sound and art healing.

Wellness Events

Qigong Training

Nikii and her Mother Jacqui Teaching Beginners Qigong from her studio in Lara.  Contact Nikii for the dates for this year’s classes.

The classes are held approximately every month on Saturday Mornings at 10:15am after Yoga.  They go for an hour and a half.   Call Nikii to be added to the list for this training.