Soul Focused Therapy

Soul Focused Therapy Sessions


“You name it, I have tried it! Nothing helped me long term and I was ready to give up, but then I found Nikii.  Since starting therapy with Nikii, positive changes have occurred in my life and my emotional state and self defeating behaviours have reduced. I have taken fewer sick days, stopped taking medication and my life satisfaction has increased. My family gets to experience the benefits too. I am calmer, wiser and more present in my life.  Thank you so much Nikii”

(L.Y, City of Greater Geelong Employee)


During a soul focused therapy session with Nikii, the client sits in the ‘solidity’ of the expanded energy field that she has developed from a disciplined daily Qi Gong and meditation practice built up over the past 12 years.


Nikii’s energy is used to assist the client to come to their own realizations and their own healing with regards to understanding their feelings and what is contributing to how they feel. This process can assist people to better cope with difficult circumstances with benefits to wellness of body, mind and spirit. Old buried stories embedded within the unconscious mind can be found. These stories (key memories) have emotions attached to them and can be bought to the conscious mind with greater awareness and exposure.  Old memories, the associated feelings and long held patterns of behaviour are then able to be released.  The circumstances around these memories and feelings can then be reframed by the client. Opportunities for greater levels of happiness, peace and fulfilment are found and explored during this process.

I have had counselling session before but these sessions are different!

I have found these sessions much more effective in uncovering deep core issues that has assisted me to make real change and progress in my life, not just go over the same old things.


“I have had 6 sessions with Nikii and I can say that I feel lighter, happier and have much more clarity about my future and it’s direction. I am also a more positive mother and I  am more conscious of the part that I have been playing in all of my relationships. I am now also able to set my children up with tools to assist their own emotional wellbeing and growth. I am very grateful Nikii, thank you!”

K.W (Retail Assistant)

The benefits are many and varied, but some of them include;

  • Finding the deep core reasons for emotional/subconscious issues
  • The awareness and loss of old limiting thought processes and self-defeating patterns of behaviour
  • An ability to find solutions to life issues from ‘within’ (empowerment)
  • Learning to be more centred and accepting of the life challenges that come our way
  • Creating opportunities for long term change
  • Seeing life from a more uplifting and life enhancing perspective

Nikii is now available via Teleconferencing (online) for  Soul Focused therapy sessions. You do not need to be physically present to benefit from this therapy.

Contact Nikii to make an appointment on 0419489144.