Sticks and Stones

Sticks and Stones

Sticks and Stones


Bullies and rebels use verbal put downs and disrespectful behaviour to make themselves ‘feel better’. They believe that the smaller they can make you, the bigger they will become. They have wounded children inside them. Instead of making it about you, try saying something to yourself like ‘man they must have some stuff going on inside themselves’. If you see the behaviour as about you and get angry back, you are just joining them in that low energy space and giving away your personal power. But this is sometimes easier said than done.


Undeveloped men and sometimes women, use put downs and may follow this up with saying something like, ‘but is only a joke’.  These people find it challenging to feel into the female world.  For women communication is about relationships and these people cannot see that they don’t consider these interactions as ‘funny’.  If these undeveloped men and women could feel into the world of their own inner female they would not continue with such ‘jokes’, especially if they see it wounding the other.


It takes courage to not take these interactions personally.  If you still have a hurt little girl or boy inside you, you are going to get ‘triggered’ by such actions and will need to learn to create strong boundaries to protect this part of yourself.


Eventually when these parts are healed, often with the assistance of therapy, the put downs all subside and fade away.  The higher your energy and personal power becomes, one day you may even be able to laugh at behaviour you once were devastated by. When you have a strong sense of ‘self’, nothing can touch you.


 With much love, Nikii


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