The Opposite of Love is Fear

The Opposite of Love is Fear

The book, ‘A Course In Miracles’ (1975) says that there are only 2 major ways to look at the world, through love or Fear and that the opposite of love is fear. Fear is expressed through many emotions for example;
Shame- Is a fear of being unworthy to exist
Guilt- Is a fear of being wrong or ‘found out’
Apathy- Is a fear of failure, a fear of living/life
Grief – Is a fear of loss
Desire- Is fear of not getting what you want
Anger- Is a fear of someone taking what you have
Pride-Is a fear of letting go and surrendering all up to something higher
It goes on to say that love is your natural inheritance and that we only need remove our blocks to love. Fear is not real it is all made up of stories we tell ourselves in our mind, but that concept can be a little challenging to absorb at first.
The course goes on to say this;
Herein lies the peace of God.
There is something profound about that statement. Almost like it is a concept that is hard to get the mind around and that is because the ego mind cannot truly know love, you need to get out of your thoughts/ego mind in order to ‘feel’ it. That is what meditation is all about.

With much love, Nikii

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