The Unchanging State of Wellbeing

Emotions and feelings are not good or bad, they are signals for you to respond to what is going on in your world and they are transitory (meaning they come and go). They are messengers inviting you to explore and simply provide information. Welcome them rather than deny or suppress them, because the degree to which we do this will inhibit their movement as they are energy passing through. What we are willing to be with, you are able to set free. What we are guided to explore and experience – whatever is experienced is perfect. We become the witness welcoming everything. To the degree that we react to beliefs and thoughts that we form, the more we become slave to them. If we become the witness we are able to respond appropriately as they occur in each moment.

Be with whatever is present. We are merely the witness to all of these comings and goings without trying to change or ‘fix’ them, simply experience yourself as unchanging being. If we can manage to do this, a deep sense of well-being has a chance to emerge. You can experience yourself as pure awareness itself in which everything is coming and going. This is our true birthright, hidden behind our outer thoughts and feelings. This is who we truly are. The unchanging state of well-being is unaffected by the screen of what is happening outside.

With much love, Nikii

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