Dates for Kids Yoga

Term 1, 2020

  • Mon 17th February
  • Mon 24th February
  • Mon 9th March
  • Mon 23rd March


Yoga Adults - Casual
Yoga Adults - 15 class card
Yoga Adults - 10 class card
Yoga Kids
Soul Focused Psychotherapy
Meditation Beginners
Mindfulness and Personal Development Meditation
Wellness Coaching Package

* Jacqui’s Yoga is restore Yoga – it has longer holds, where muscles can deeply relax, and more props are used rather than just muscles

* Nikii’s Yoga is a mixture of Iyengar yoga and Ashtanga Yoga. It uses some props and is dynamic, orderly and builds strength of body and mind

* The Wellness Coaching Package consists of a written, individualised wellness program, and includes two yoga sessions, two meditation sessions, and two soul focused therapy sessions