Wellness Program

Soul Focused Wellness Coaching


Utilising the depth of experience that Nikii has accumulated over 12 years of daily meditation, Qi Gong practise and deep inner spiritual work, Nikii designs a ‘Wellness Program’ in collaboration with the client, tailored specifically to the individual.  Nikii provides the client with activities/exercises and practises which are designed to bring the client back into a state of wellness.  Unlike a gym program, Nikii’s wellness coaching covers aspects of body, mind and soul, and with regular sessions over time, the syllabus is modified and continuously modified as the client’s needs alter and change.

Some examples your wellness program may include are:

Specific individual yoga exercises and grounding techniques.

Specific meditation techniques and activities to change thought processes and patterns of old behaviour.

Various writing activities designed to connect you to your higher self.

The Wellness Coaching Package consists of a written, individualised wellness program, and includes two yoga sessions, two meditation sessions, and two soul focused therapy sessions.

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