About Nikii

Growing Your Spiritual Essence

Nikii is trained in Ashtanga Yoga by Nicky Knoff in Cairns.  She is currently completing her Qigong Masters has been maintaining and embracing a daily practise of meditation and Qigong for over 12 years. Nikii is also trained as a Soul Psychotherapist which is also available via telehealt (on-line). Nikii and her mother Jacqui lead Meditation and Yoga classes from a boutique studio on a peaceful, quiet property in Lara and are passionate about assisting others to grow in mindfulness and overall wellness. They work with clients assisting them to take what appear to be ‘blockages’ to growth and transform them into achievable challenges.


About Nikii – The Story

From my late teens I have been dedicated to healing the emotional wounds of my childhood and re-claiming and calling back my lost spirit. I began my journey as the eldest daughter of 2 alcoholic parents. My father, not long returned from the Vietnam war and suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, drank to suppress his feelings and emotions. Also, my mother was extremely angry and often took that anger out on my two brothers and myself, both physically and emotionally.


My eldest brother absorbed a lot of this anger & would then project his rage onto me. I was bullied by him and lived in fear of him my entire childhood. Our family life was, as you can imagine, quite chaotic. The result of the continual stress that I lived with was that I learnt to suppress my emotions and not ‘feel’ , and took this way of being into my adult life. I learnt to control my life to feel safe and to disconnect from my body and my feelings. At the core of my being, the child felt that nobody cared and never would.


By the age of 25 this bodily stress had manifested in an autoimmune disease. I no longer had the energy or life force to continue life activities. My immune system was failing and I knew that I had to get help. From 25 years onwards I sought answers, dealt with my emotional scars one by one, and my health began to improve.


This started me on the life long journey into ‘higher self’. After 12 years of daily meditation, Qigong and spiritual practices, I have learnt to lift my energy levels to a point where I can assist others along a similar path of recovery. I know what it takes, not from reading it in a book, by living it. Not only do I know what it takes, I know how to get there. I welcome the opportunity to share my inner wisdom with you.

About Nikii - Love Cats

“This is one of my favourite photos of my cats. All everyone really wants deep down is to be loved.  This photo for me is the essence of unconditional love. This kind of love for is momentarily touched by many of us in special moments, but I am passionate about learning how to hold onto this type of love for extended periods of time, to maintain it and not let it go, no matter what!”

– Nikki

Nikii’s Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Education (BEd) – Deakin University
  • Post Graduate Diploma Ed Admin (GDipEd) – Deakin University
  • Certificate of Yoga 200 Hours Knoff Yoga School Cairns
  • 1st & 2nd degree Reiki – College of Soul Focused Psychotherapy
  • Dip. Soul Focused Psychotherapy – College of Soul Focused Psychotherapy
  • Adv. Dip. Soul Focused Psychotherapy – College of Soul Focused Psychotherapy
  • Kineisiology Touch for Health 1 & 2